Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Here's the newest addition to my antiques collection--- a LC Smith & Corona Typewriter. I grabbed this baby at a flea market in Peru, Maine for 10 dollars. ((I think that is about all it's worth)). I'm hoping it will look nifty on my bookshelf, as some eye catching decor. (By the way, Hemingway wrote on a Corona Junior Portable).

I tried to date this machine. I believe it's a Corona-Smith Standard probably made in the mid to late 1930's. I'm pretty sure it was manufactured in the 30's. Earlier Corona models actually folded up!

The commercial history of the typewriter began in America around 1873. Conception of the typewriter (Edison was in on this too) began much earlier. The first typewriter on the market was the Sholes & Glidden. Some of these early machines I think are quite beautiful. To the people of the times, the typewriter must have been a marvel-- a little personal Gutenberg press!

To me, as a college student in 1983, it was the bane of my existence.....

term paper due tomorrow! Argggh!

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