Monday, July 30, 2007

Women With Cleavage

All I know is ----if there are any women running for President, they better not have any cleavage. Cleavage---- even a tiny bit---- can be dangerously distracting to listeners. If Hilary Clinton is flashing her cleavage, how is the audience supposed to focus on what's she saying???? If she becomes President, and she's announcing some national crisis..... will anyone pay attention???

Cleavage is a national hazard. The fact that women have cleavage, & then choose wear tasteful blouses and professional-looking suits, with cleavage showing, it's just shocking. Watch this video of Hilary speaking on the Senate floor to prove my point.... Clearly all Hilary is thinking about as she's speaking is how titillating her cleavage is......

Fun for Girls & Boys!

The Classic Slinky T.V. ad from the 1960's. Rather bizarre, but, irresistible.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

GOLF! It Happens.

On Saturday, Baron Von Trapp Das PoopSmitten & K. Von Gold Hillshire the Third played 7 rounds of golf at a prestigious 9 hole course in Haverhill, MA. Despite rain, thunder, and hoards of children, the Baron & Sire Hillshire got in 7 holes. The Sire was very instructional & patient with the Baron. It was our dear Baron's first (virginal) time, and at LEAST she did not lose a ball. In fact most of the time the Baron hit to the green, but then didn't know what to do from there...... All & all it was a capitol outing for our noble golfers! Thanks dear Sire Gold Hillshire!!

Sire Hillshire driving those balls....

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thursday Night in the Park with Dame EF

Thursday night the Baron & Dame E.F. experienced an impromptu cultural outing. Dame E.F. appeared out of nowhere & invited the Baron to accompany her to 'Shakespeare on the Common.' The Dame E.F. and our noble Baron decided to bravely scoot into town on the Baron's lightening chariot. However, the dame quickly became flustered (actually we were both too heavy), and the duo had to stop to take the subway.

At the common, our duo was treated to a version of "A Midsummer Night's Dream." The play was very funny & delightful in parts. The evening was all and all a lovely affair. Check out 'Shakespeare on the Common' if you can.

Simpsonize Yourself

Just in case you have nothing better to do, you can spend a few minutes "simpsonizing" yourself. In honor of the soon-to-be released Simpson's movie, (this Friday) you can visit the official website & turn yourself into a Simpson cartoon character. See:
When you enter the site, click on 'create avatar.'
Here I am in the purple shirt, chatting it up over a McDuff beer with Homer. My 15 minutes of fame!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

New York, NY --Big City of Dreams

5 Things I Want To See in NYC

I know there are many 'things to do' in NYC. In the past, I've seen many of the major tourist attractions already. But I haven't been to NYC for years & years. Here is a list of 5 things that are "must sees'.

1. Visit The Strand Bookstore.
(A bookstore the size of an entire NYC block. 18 miles of books!)

2. See Ellis Island.
(Even though I'm an amateur genealogist, I've never been to Ellis Island!)

3. Go to the Metropolitan Opera.

4. See the Judy Chicago "Dinner Party" exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum of Art.

5. See ground zero.

Monday, July 23, 2007

I'm a LumberJack & I'm OKAY....

Here's another Monty Python skit. This is the all around best, & truly hilarious. If you're a manly lumberjack, could you possibly be a gay or tranny boy? Let's see.....

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Grace & Grace

Grace Jones & Grace Slick. Separated by a generation, but two rocking gals. The first video is Grace Jones singing "Pull up to my Bumper Baby," & "Slave to the Rhythm." Complete with brass bra set, purple halo, & gold boots! I saw Grace Jones in Washington, D.C. in the mid-90's. We waited a LONG time to see her appear on stage. She was worth it! What an UNUSUAL person..... I think she's much better live, despite the imperfections, because her dynamic & freaky personality shines through.
The second video is Grace Slick at Woodstock singing "White Rabbit! Awesome! She spoke for her generation.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Bad Boys of Rock & Roll, or, Men With Hair

Here are 6 of my votes for the best "bad boys" of rock & roll.
1. Mick Jagger
2. Robert Plant "Black Dog"
3. Jim Morrison "Roadhouse Blues"
4. Jimi Hendrix
5. Freddy Mercury "Somebody to Love"
6. David Bowie

Three of the six of them are still alive. That's not a bad average for bad boys. Here's a clip of Jim Morrison being arrested for exposing himself, Freddie Mercury being the Queen that he was, & Robert Plant hitting the high notes. Rock on Dudes!

The Funniest Joke In the World

This is one my favorite Monty Python skits---- the funniest joke in the world. It's so funny-- you die laughing. Not a bad way to go.... It's kind of long, but fun to watch.

Friday, July 20, 2007

What Artist Should Paint Your Protrait?

Andy Warhol should paint me. Seems right: Queer. Eccentric. Social yet Shy. Unique. Sarcastic. Acutely Sensitive. Nervous. Bold Colors.
Take the Quiz to see what Famous Artist should Paint your Protrait......

Who Should Paint You: Andy Warhol

You've got an interested edge that would be reflected in any portrait
You don't need any fancy paint techniques to stand out from the crowd!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Apeman Cometh

Yesterday my friend J posted the famous Patterson film on his blog. Filmed in 1967, this clip allegedly captures Bigfoot or Sasquatch on camera in Bluff Creek, California. J must have read my mind, because I've been thinking a lot about human origins lately. I've just finished a book about genetics & human evolution.

Supporters of the Bigfoot theory contend that Sasquatch is an unidentified, archaic primate that existed during prehistoric times, & lives on in North America in extremely remote areas of Southwest Canada, the Great Lakes, Pacific Northwest, & the Rocky Mountains. Bigfoot is large, hairy, up to 8 or 10 feet tall, and walks upright. The best theory is that Bigfoot is evolved from Gigantopithecus, a giant ape that
did exist in Asia from around 5 million to 100,000 years ago, and later migrated like humans across into North America.

I would love for Bigfoot to exist, because it would be
extremely exciting & interesting to find such a creature. Talk about the "missing link!"

But, from a scientific standpoint, it's unlikely that a creature like Sasquatch exists. Why? First of all, no fossils, bones, artifacts, or droppings have ever been found and tested. In the case of wholly mammoths and other large prehistoric creatures, we have this evidence. To survive to the present, the Sasquatch creature would have existed in North America for
thousands of years. Why would we not find any fossils, or jaw bones or teeth, when we HAVE dinosaur and mammoth fossils? Second, all the hair samples, footprints, handprints, & body casts that have been presented to prove Bigfoot's existence have turned to out to be other animals (bison/elk,bear), inconclusive, or hoaxes. Much of the evidence for Sasquatch consists of eyewitness accounts, (which are often unreliable) and photos/films, which can be difficult to authenticate. Third, if Sasquatch is descended from apes, then why are there no other large apes (fossil or living) found in North America? Why would this creature isolate itself so well for thousand of years? Lastly, if Bigfoot is an ape, then it is odd ape to walk upright. All other primates (except for humanoid ones) both past & present have been quadrupeds. Lastly, with humans encroaching more & more on the wilderness, wouldn't we see MORE reports of Bigfoot sightings? Even polar bears wander into downtown Anchorage.

Bigfoot, accompanied by snazzy music from a 1970's T.V. show. By the way, if you notice, Bigfoot has a nice butt...

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sargent McCab Leads the Fair Maidens

Today, Sargent McCab, Golden Labrador Retriever extraordinaire, led our two fair maidens ---jb and the baron---to the top of Pack Monadnock, a mountain in New Hampshire. With a whopping elevation of 2,290 ft, Sargent McCab had to take frequent breaks for water & generalized lazy plopping in the mud. Nevertheless, Sargent McCab fulfilled her canine duties by finally leading the fair maidens to the top of the mountain by four sure-footed legs. Sargent McCab occasionally stopped to sniff various items, chase a squirrel or chipmunk or two, & also found a few other dogs & other fair maidens to sniff. At the summit, peanut butter sandwiches and almond butter rice cakes were enjoyed by all at extreme elevation. A view of Boston was promised by brown signs but not discerned by our mountaineers. An important phone call about painkillers & mothers cleaning kitchens was received at the top of the mountain. (see video)
Overall, Sargent McCab deemed it was a successful mission. At least we could all pee in the woods undisturbed.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Gimme Shelter

The Rolling Stones, "Gimme Shelter," 1969. You've Got To Love Mick Jagger's Girlie Dancing....

Beech Beauty

There's a gorgeous, gigantic tree near my house. I pass it frequently. From a distance, the leaves have a dark purple hue. Up close, the leaves are green. I love walking under the canopy of this big beauty. It's especially majestic when the wind moves its leaves.
I asked a man leaving the house where the tree lives. "Do you know what kind of a tree this is?" He said no. Lame.
Later, I went for a walk with my Mom. She said it's a Beech Tree.

The American Beech tree can live up to 250 years. From the information I could find online, if this tree is between 57' and 75' feet tall, it is likely to be 100 to 150 years old.
Hail, to the tree Goddess!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Make Mine a Moxie!

Having just returned from 'up there' in Northern Maine, the origin of the word "Moxie" was on my mind (& the minds of my fellow campers). Around the area of Maine we were visiting, there is a Moxie Falls, a Moxie Pond, and a Moxie Mountain--- not to mention several campgrounds and outdoor outfitters with Moxie titles.

I know Maine has its odd place names, but this one seems especially odd.

What is "Moxie"? Well, first, Moxie is a soft drink originally made in 1884. It was popular in the olden days, but is not commonly found outside of New England today. Though many people have never heard of Moxie, (or tasted it) it was the first soft drink marketed in America, before Pepsi and Coca-Cola. It is dark soda, similar to "Dr. Pepper," & has a medicinal taste. Moxie was invented in the late 1870's by Dr. Augustin Thompson in Lowell, Massachusetts. He was originally from Union, Maine.

Listen below to a Moxie ad composed in 1904.

Dr. Thompson likely named his soda "Moxie" after the several familiar place names he knew from his boyhood home. But the name "Moxie" was also a marketing ploy, because the word moxie in English means 'spirited,' 'peppy,' 'scrappy,' or 'spunky.' Perhaps you've heard someone say, "She's full of moxie." Moxie, made from gentian root extract, wintergreen, and at one time sassafras, is an 'acquired' taste. Some people can't stand it. Hence, you have to be 'brave' to drink Moxie. ((In fact it was considered an alternative to alcohols such as whiskey.))

The Moxie place names in Maine likely have an original Algonquin Native American derivation. "Moxie' is a word in the Algonquin language meaning 'dark waters.' Many of the place names are bodies of water or are surrounded by water. However, there's also a plant called 'moxie-berry' that the Native Americans used to make a medicinal tea. Also, 'Maski,' a similar sounding Algonquin word, means medicine. My guess would be that the Algonquin Indians used this 'moxie-berry' tea to pep you up.....

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Strange Maps

Once again my friend the great LT has brought my attention to an interesting website/ blog. This one is:

This is a map of the United States called "The US States Renamed for Countries With Similar GDPs (Gross Domestic Product). The map is based on data from the year 2000. It is a striking graphic of just how rich the US is compared to other nations. Click on the map to view more closely.

Graphics:Richard Palmer; Conception:Dr. Earl Fry

No More Paris?

Here's the clip of MNSBC's Mika Brzezinski tearing up and shredding the 'lead' Paris Hilton story. What's most striking is how her two male cohorts are so uncomfortable & sarcastic about Mika's obvious anger and feistiness.
I have to admit I have mixed feelings. I totally agree with Mika, about how silly it is that Paris Hilton's jail sentence should be the top story.
At the same time, I don't mind looking at Paris, just maybe in a more appropriate venue than leading news....

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Fourth of July

I watched fireworks this Fourth of July in a small town in Northern, Maine. They were pretty good, & we were right under them!
Here are some neat photos of the display.
As were were leaving, a young guy walking by us said, "I went to the fireworks at the George Bush Library. They sucked!"
Well, I guess the town of Jackman, Maine beats the George Bush Library for patriotism. Was no surprise to us.

Into the Woods

View from Mosquito Mountain
Well, I've been in Northern Maine for the last four days, camping, hiking, & kayaking. This time, it was just me & the boys (4 of them). We camped in the Parlin Lake area, hiked Mosquito Mountain overlooking Moxie Lake, hiked to Moxie Falls, & visited Jackman to watch some fireworks on the 4th of July. Unfortunately, we had a bit of rain & lots of mosquitoes, but, as always, made the best of it. On the way back I visited my family in Portland. I'm invigorated & refreshed, after being out in nature & the sun. Still, I'm happy again to see my blog, my bed, my refrigerator, my cats, & my cell phone. Below are some photos.

On the trail

Mushroom & its Slug

Monday, July 2, 2007

My Gallery of UnMatched Socks

Here's my gallery of unmatched socks. They're too pretty--- I can't let them go---- yet, they are without a match.... without a practical purpose.... Where do all those socks go?????

More Sopranos, Please

I was saddened to read that Beverly Sills passed away today. I love opera. Recently I started listening again to The Magic Flute, (Die Zauberflote) by Mozart. It was Mozart's last opera, & is my favorite.
Here's a little sampling of some great divas, mezzo sopranos, & queens of the night! Enjoy!

Beverly Sills, "Una Voce Poco Fa!!" 1971, from the Barber of Seville, Rossini. She is a complete delight!

Luciana Serra, "The Queen of the Night" The Magic Flute, Mozart
Girl. Listen to Mama. She's pissed.
(aside: this is the aria that got me listening to opera)

Maria Callas "O Mio Babbino Caro." by Puccini.
Gorgeous. Get out your handkerchiefs!