Wednesday, June 28, 2006

27 Fab Movies

Below are some of my 27 favorite movies, including comedies. These are movies I've watched more than once (or twice) and still loved.....

1. The Piano
2. Babette’s Feast
3 . Hillary & Jackie

4. Taxi Driver
5. My Brilliant Career
6. I Shot Andy Warhol
7. The English Patient

8. American Beauty

9. Murmur of the Heart
10. Angel at My Table
11. Antonia’s Line

12. Drugstore Cowboy
13. Amadeus
14. The Hours
15. A Passage To India

16. To Kill A Mockingbird
17. The Children’s Hour
18. Crash
19. Raising Arizona

20. I’ve Heard the Mermaids Singing
21. Young Frankenstein
22. Psycho

23. Schindler’s List
24. T r a i n s p o t t i n g
25. Platoon
26. Rear Window
27. Boogie Nights

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

My Tag Cloud

My Tag Cloud
On Library Thing--- you can 'tag' and catalog your own books, as you see fit. There are some nifty features and statistics to check out once you've entered enough books. (Only nerdy bibliophiles get excited about this stuff) Below is my 'tag' cloud, meaning the subjects I've entered. The 'bigger' the word, the greater number of books I have per that subject. A 'librarything' member can also find out the most common author and subject 'tags' of other members. It's gratifying (yet sometimes frightening) to find other members that own the same obscure books.....

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Gadgets vs. Toys

Gadgets vs. Toys

Gadgets Vs. ToyS: Alike vs. Different

An inquiry (totally my opinion)

1. ALIKE: Gadgets & and toys are objects.

2. ALIKE: Gadgets & toys are usually man/woman made or natural things shaped by humans.

3. DIFFERENT: Gadgets make some people very happy, & other people frustrated. Toys usually make most people happy, unless they’re terribly frustrated people.

4. DIFFERENT: Sometimes you can eat toys ; you usually don’t eat gadgets.

5. ALIKE: Both gadgets & toys can move & do things, but not always.

6. DIFFERENT: Some toys you just want to look at & keep. Most gadgets you usually end up using. (Some of us less able MAY end up just looking at them)

7. ALIKE: Both can be made of similar materials: metal & plastic, etc.

8. DIFFERENT: You can ‘play’ with gadgets, but ultimately with an action in mind.

9. ALIKE: Sometimes you'll miss a toy or gadget you used to have, & you’ll search for it longingly.

10. DIFFERENT: Gadgets have a useful purpose, usefully specific. The more unusual the gadget the more pointed the purpose.

11. DIFFERENT: Toys have an open purpose, or even purposelessness. You can use toys, but with free-wheeling play in mind.

12. SAME: Children & adults alike enjoy BOTH gadgets & toys. (Though children in general are more enthralled by toys, and adults gadgets.)

13. Different: Dogs & Cats definitely seem to prefer toys.

14. DIFFERENT: A toy requires less skill; a gadget more.

15. SAME: Gadgets and toys are one of the traits that make humans unique.