Thursday, June 28, 2007

Scooter Barbie

Well, it's a bit silly for a grown-up person.... but when I saw this Barbie Vespa scooter on Amazon I couldn't resist. Even though she's without protective gear, a DOT helmet, and SHOES or BOOTS, well, I guess she looks hot. She's even got a carrier on the back, like me!!! Ride on!
By the way, her license plate says 'Barbie.' What state is that?????

Amish Man Saves Paris Hilton -Part 1

Amish Man--Avenger of the Olden Days-- Saves Paris Hilton from the Maddening Crowd

1. It happened one day that Amish Man was visiting Los Angeles at the very moment Paris was released from jail....

2. Amish Man was in CA to promote his new book, "The Goodly Life of Tillage."

3. Several people worldwide clamored for Amish Man's book.....


Amish Man Saves Paris- Part 2

4. The maddening crowd wanted to sacrifice Paris Hilton to the Goddess of Crass American culture. Paris' cries were heard by Amish Man. He gallantly jumped up in front of the crowd, spread out his arms in a godly manner, and bellowed.......

5. The crowd retracted, and Amish Man and Paris were whisked away into a nearby limo, & brought to the Hilton Estate....

Saving Paris- Part 3

6. The Hilton family offered money in exchange for Amish Man's bravery. In a most stoic & godly tone, Amish Man humbly declined......

7. Paris insisted. For her part, she actually found Amish Man "pretty hot for an old guy wearing a weird wool hat." She noted his somewhat charming calloused hands, and manly physique from years of farming. For his part, Amish Man noted Paris was "a comely maid." (Still, no match for Amish Woman of course)

8. Finally, Amish Man accepted a lifetime service of free beard trimmings for all the gentle Amish men in his village, including himself, from a top notch hair salon in Philadelphia, courtesy of the Hilton heiress.
The End

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Geek Heaven

I came across an awesome website: It's full of reviews of all kinds of gadgets and technology, aimed for the female audience. (For the most part we are out geeked by the boys) Anyway, there's an article about the excitement of the soon to be released iPhone. (This Friday) People are lining up & camping out at stores to get one.....

I, not really being a geek, do not know much about the iPhone. Still, I noticed an article about the iPhone called, "OMG! I got an iPhone!" In it, there's a very funny spoof video depicting a grown man receiving an iPhone for Xmas. He completely freaks out.
There's a link to the original video that inspired the iPhone video, of two kids getting an Nintendo 64 for Christmas, circa 1996. The boy in this clip completely freaks out (for real) with excitement. It's pretty hilarious.
To see the Nintendo boy:

To see the iPhone man:

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

This Is The Day

What goes around comes around. I really like this song, "This is the day," by The The. The album is called "Soul Mining." I thought it was a current hit, but, it was originally released in 1983! (Check out the oh so 80's video) I don't recall the song from the olden days. Recently, "This is the day" has got some replay. M&M's uses it in an advertisement. The mournful accordion captures the angst of the early 80's, but, at the same time, you want to do a little jig.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Kitty Eye Test

Can your kitty pass this eye test? Can your kitty follow a point in space with alacrity and accuracy, without becoming cross-eyed or passing out? My Willa did, paws down. Watch!

All the Leaves Are Brown--NOT!

My friend JD just took off for L.A. yesterday. Before he left he posted, "California Dreaming" by the Mamas and the Papas, on his blog. Even though I'm not going to L.A., and it's not the dead of winter, I couldn't resist also posting this fantastic video. What a gem of an American song.... and so 60's. Mama Cass rocked...

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

You're The Top

You Tube & Google Video prove to be endless hours of fun for the restless internet surfer. Like most media, though, much of what's on You Tube is inane. Some 22 year old whining about life, or some guy on a skateboard doing stunts.
On the other hand, you can find precious old movies, musical concerts and old MTV videos, and quintessential performances by American icons.
Below is none other than Ella Fitzgerald and Nat King Cole, circa 1950. Enjoy....

Monday, June 18, 2007

The First Movies

Heres' a link to a film made in 1897, called "Danse Serpentine." I came across an article on Slate magazine about the first moving pictures. This film I thought was interesting because it captures the early filmmakers' interest in movement.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Subee Makes History

Here's a clip from Channel 5, showing the initial reaction of the crowd to the defeat of the Gay Marriage Amendment vote on Thursday. After Governor Deval Practick says, "In Massachusetts today...." you hear a lone "Wooooo!" It is none other than The Baron's friend and co-conspirator, The Great "Suebee." Her delayed reaction to the news, (((that apparently the rest of the crowd heard some moments before))), singles her out for historical record. Hopefully this video will be viewable for years to come. Hail Massachusetts and Suebee!!! To see Suebee at the statehouse, watch the second video link. Towards the end, Suebee is spotted in the crowd...
patience, grasshopper, it may take awhile for these videos to load...

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Little Scooterist

Here's my cute niece-- the future scooterist-- just like her auntie. I love her logical response to my stupid 'adult' question.
Adult: Tap. Tap. Who's there?
Child: Me.
Adult: Me Who?
Child: You know me. It's me.

Friday, June 15, 2007

The History of the Jewish Mother

Of course, what do I know about a Jewish mother? Nothing. But I saw this interesting article on Slate magazine. I thought that many of my friends would be interested & amused to read below.

Never Mind, I'll Just Sit Here in the Dark
A Brief History of the Jewish Mother

by Emily Bazelon
Posted Wednesday, June 13, 2007, at 6:43 AM ET

You might think that the Jewish mother we know and love
mock--self-sacrificing, neuroses-inducing,
sprang whole from the head of
Philip Roth or from the Bible. But neither is the case.
the 20th-century creation of a few
anthropologists and a legion of comedians.
And while
some of her features are all too constant, she is
continually being
touched up (which she no
doubt appreciates).

The Jewish mother's greatest act of sacrifice, perhaps,
is to be the gift that
keeps on giving: first to
generations of male writers like Roth, Mel Brooks,
Woody Allen, and then to female ones like Wendy
Wasserstein and Sarah Silverman.
Click here for a slide
show based on
You Never Call! You Never Write! A
of the Jewish Mother, a new book by historian
Joyce Antler.

Emily Bazelon is a Slate senior editor.
Copyright 2007 Washington Post.Newsweek
Interactive Co. LLC

Be sure to click on the slide show to view an American media history of the stereotype of the Jewish mother. It's based on a book called, "You Never Call! You Never Write! A History of the Jewish Mother", by Joyce Antler. Number '7' in the slide show is one of the funniest and most memorable Woody Allen pieces. It's from "New York Stories," 1989. Woody Allen's short film was called "Oedipus Wrecks," about a hen pecked Jewish man dating a non-Jewish woman, (Mia Farrow of course). His mother, naturally, is beside herself. In this clip she hovers in the skyline, consulting with half of lower Manhattan about her son-- Sheldon Millstein's--love life.

New York Stories--- Oedipus Wrecks Woody Allen 1989

I Could Have Told You Vincent

Van Gogh sold few paintings in his life-time, & he died a poor & distraught man. Vincent could hardly have imagined that 117 years after his death, ten major American Art Museums would proudly display his work. I noticed this article on MSN. It's a slide-show sampling of Van Gogh's work in America. He has always been one of my favorite artists, despite his gruffness... Here's the link to see all the paintings.

Aside: Can you imagine, that when I happened to visit Amsterdam, the Van Gogh Museum was closed for repairs???!!! I missed my hero!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

If Trees Could Speak....

If only trees, those beautiful creatures, could speak. Now they can.... Someone thought of placing an easel and a canvas near the tree's branches. Place some pens on the tips of the tree's branches, and viola! ---with the help of the wind and the breezes, (& maybe a few birds & squirrels) the tree's inner heart speaks.
It's fascinating. I love trees. Once again my friend LT-- co-editor here at the Quibley Corner-- found this terrific link.

Tree Drawing Larch on Easel #1
Buttermore Shore, Cumbria 2/29/06

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


This young guy Noah took a picture of himself everyday for six years. Interesting. The video is a bit long to watch, but IT IS SIX years..... A fascinating concept. Can you see the passage of time? The minute changes? To me, the video was inspiring. It reminded me of the movie "Smoke," with Harvey Keitel and William Hurt. An awesome film (1995). Then I discovered
All I need is a webcam, and I too can begin chronicling my life every 24 hours... .

everyday from Noah K. on Vimeo

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Walkie Walkie Gromit?

Two weeks ago I went on a fantastic stroll with a Meetup group from The Boston Photography Center. My friend LT, always on the go, invited me. Though I don't consider myself a "photographer,' I blended right in.
We started out at the Decordova Museum. There were some inexplicable sprinkles, but then the rain disappeared. It was a gorgeous Spring day. We made our way on a loop through Lincoln, MA. Some highlighted stops included the Food Project Farm (in which we inquired about eggplants) and the Grange Codman House. (I love those old colonials) We spotted Painted Ladies, Irises, Lilacs, Lily Pads, & Daisies. Lincoln is indeed quintessential New England.
There was some geek talk about tripods and filter lens, but all and all it was a capital outing. Below are some of my photos, for better or worse. We saw a lot of flowers and greenery! Spring!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

You Tube Love Buggies

Sick, but very funny. A young guy named Toby Turner produces some fantastic videos and posts them on This is my favorite of his. You don't want to laugh, because it's so twisted, but you can't help it. It's hilarious. Warning: Immature yet aged audiences only. Another funny production of his is: 8 o'clock coffee. Check it out.....

Sunday, June 3, 2007

The Female Face in Western Art

Once again my friend LT has sent me a fantastic link that's led to a blog entry. (I think she's bucking to be co-editor). Below is an interesting video of images of female faces from centuries of Western Art. The faces morph into each other, accompanied by cello music. Kind of haunting. It begins early on with Renaissance paintings then moves on to more modern paintings.
I would be very curious to hear comments from my friend MK, who has just started Grad school and is currently reading essays on feminism and art. What does this video say about the concept of women and beauty? What are your thoughts, dear readers? If Paris Hilton were living in the 1500's in Germany, the daughter of a rich bugermeister, would she likely be the subject of a painting?