Saturday, October 28, 2006

The Five Pez Dispensers That Should Rule the Planet


Okay, so I know they’re only cartoon heads propped up on top of plastic sticks filled with candy, BUT, some people collect them, some people see deep meaning in them. Some people think they're fun.


IF five pez dispensers were to rule the world, here are my choices, with a few sound reasons why these five characters would serve our planet well.

  1. Miss Piggy– can serve on the intra/inter species committee. Has some experience flying space ships. Loved a frog that was not a prince.
  2. Lucy- will provide minimal cost ($1 hour) mental health counseling (albeit substandard) to all. Bossy when required. Will serve as ‘the brains behind the operation.’ Liked a quiet boy who loved jazz & Chopin.
  3. Wonder Woman- will deflect asteroids, nuclear bombs, & other paraphernalia flying thru space. Will kick the butts of unsavory world leaders as necessary. Is way hot & fun to look at.
  4. Hello Kitty- Is cute, amusing, & generally fun for all children and many adults. Simply makes people happy.
  5. Princess Leia --has experience dealing with inter-galactic beings. Can fly various spacecrafts competently. Wears white all year & looks good. Is way hot (although in a dated way).

See our fair maidens below.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Procrastination Condemnation
Procrastination: If you are guilty...
I finally got around to writing this…. (ha,ha)
Seriously, if you are a procrastinator, (like me), never fear! There are many excellent self-help books published with practical tips for the wayward. A few on my bookshelf include:
Time Management From the Inside Out, by Julie Morgenstern,
It’s About Time: the Six Styles of Procrastination & How To Overcome Them, by Dr. Linda Sapadin.
Overcoming Procrastination, by Albert Ellis & W. Knaus.
The Procrastination Workbook: Your Personalized Program for Breaking Free from the Patterns That Hold You Back, by W. Knaus.
If you can’t manage thumbing through a book, then you can take an online quiz to find out what type of procrastinator you are. you a pleasure seeker? A perfectionist? Are you anti-authoritative? Are you dreamy & inattentive? Are you an over-achiever?These are all excellent questions to pinpoint your particular procrastination demons.
Even with the books, quizzes, or kicks in the butt from Mama or the Boss, you may still find the plague of procrastination dogging you. So, here are my tips to change your thinking about procrastination. There’s no point in feeling guilty or stressed!!! Use these thoughts as armor to guard yourself against despair. Sooooo sit back, re-watch that re-run episode of Law & Order, and eat that popcorn…
1. Think of all the famously great people who were also procrastinators. Look at Proust for example. It took him years to write “The Remembrance of Things Past,” and most of the time he was lying in bed!
2. Think to yourself: “I could be dead tomorrow, so at least today I’m not wasting time doing boring tasks like going to the bank, sorting laundry, etc…. I’m having fun!”
3. Think of the Buddha. He certainly was a great person. No one can argue against that!. And he spent hours, weeks even sitting under a Bodhi tree not doing much of anything!
4.Think to yourself: “There’s always tomorrow! And tomorrow! And tomorrow! And it’s always a day away. (Thank god)
6. Think to yourself: “I’m not procrastinating. I’m just waiting for more creative and brilliant ideas to take root.”
Check out my own 'Did You?' procrastination cartoon below....

Friday, October 20, 2006

A Tribute To Ziggy Stardust

During the 70's and 80's David Bowie was in the backdrop of my consciousness, but I was never really a fan at that time . Now I appreciate the man tremendously, especially for his early work, and his uniqueness. Below are the lyrics to one of my favorite Bowie songs, and a few pics. Also check out the link to the 1980 'Ashes To Ashes' music video! Very dated.

Ashes To Ashes
by David Bowie -

do you remember a guy that's been
in such an early song
i heard a rumour from ground control
oh no, don't say it's true
they got a message from the action man
i'm happy hope you're happy too
i've loved all i've needed love
sordid details following

the shrieking of nothing is killing
just pictures of jap girls in synthesis
and i ain't got no money and and i ain't got no hair
but i'm hoping to kick but the planet is glowing aglow aglow
ashes to ashes funk to funky
we know major tom's a junky
strung out on heaven's high
hitting an all time low
time and again i tell myself
i'll stay clean tonight
but the little green wheels are following me
oh no not again
i'm stuck with a valuable friend
i'm happy hope you're happy too
one flash of light
but no smoking pistol
i've never done good things
i've never done bad things
i never did anything out of the blue
want an axe to break the ice
want to come down right now

ashes to ashes funk to funky
we know major tom's a junky
strung out on heaven's high
hitting an all time low

my mama said to get things done
you better not mess with major tom
my mama said to get things done
you better not mess with major tom
my mama said to get things done
you better not mess with major tom

Monday, October 16, 2006

The Mirror Project

Just when you thought you've seen quite enough of yourself, along comes the Mirror Project. Actually it's a very interesting & clever idea. It's a website where you submit photographs of yourself taken on a reflective surface. I thought of 3 pictures I took years (1989-90) ago. See below. (check out my geeky glasses circa 1989) If you'd like to check out the Mirror Project, follow this link:

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Adventuresome Heroes/ Heroines

A. Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain
B. Helge Ingstad
C. Ernest Shackleton
D. Ameila Earhart
E. Sir Edmund Hillary & Tenzing Norgay
F. Anne Bacroft & Liv Arnsen

Match 'Em Up (because of the gender factor & pictures--it's kind of a no-brainer)
1. First Woman to fly the Atlantic
2. Civil War Hero
3. First to climb Mt. Everest
4. First women to cross Antarctica
5. First to cross Antarctica
6. Discovered Viking settlement in Canada

Answers: A 2. B 6. C 5. D 1. E 3. F 4

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

What Type of American English Do YOU SPeak?

Okay. So I took the "What Type of American English Do You Speak?" quiz. Surprise. Surprise. I'm mostly a Yankee. Still, I think I'd be more of a Yankee if there was another choice on one question. "Soda" is "tonic" to any TRUE Bostonian.

I would like to know what that 5% Dixie is all about.

***My Linguistic Profile:***

45% Yankee

30% General American English

15% Upper MidWestern

5% Dixie

0% Midwestern

Take the quiz for yourself:

Monday, October 9, 2006

Stupid Pet Tricks

Bold Acts
my kittens have committed:

  • used my plants as a litterbox
  • bit, licked, then ate my medication
  • attacked my thighs
  • chewed up important mail
  • drank beer
  • jumped on my head while I was napping

They're bad. REAL BAD.

Sunday, October 1, 2006

What's your Myers Briggs Personality Type?

Have you ever taken the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator? Though one should take any personality theory with a grain of salt, I do consistently 'type' as an INFJ. This stands for Introverted--Intuitive--Feeling--Judgmental. There are very few of us in the world (2%). Unfortunately, they say. Some folks that share my type:Gandhi, Jane Goodall, Carl Jung, Emily Bronte, Emily Dickinson, Jimmy Carter, & Sydney Poiterier. Fine company indeed. On some online tests you get a percentage. For example, one can be a strong extrovert (70%) as opposed to a slight extrovert (20%). In Keirsy tests, I am also the Counselor Idealist. There are Idealists--Healers, Champions, Counselors, Teachers, Rationalists--Masterminds, Inventors & Architects, Artisans, Crafters, Performers, Promoters, & Composers, & the Guardians -Inspectors, Protectors, Supervisors, & Providers.
Thanks be to the universe that there are all types in the world. If you c
an't do it, somebody else can add up those numbers, develop that policy, calm that screaming brat, or tend to those grossly injured. Take the test:

Some characteristics of the INFJ:
  • value personal integrity and "being true to yourself"
  • are on a lifelong search for a unique identity and meaning
  • may find it easier to express their deepest feelings in writing
  • abhor evil or injustice, especially that directed towards the innocent or helpless
  • are sometimes looked upon by others as naive, mostly due to our idealism
  • enjoy thoughtful discussion but dislike arguing for argument's sake, as this often degenerates into ugly conflict
  • are bookworms, love bookstores and libraries
  • get stressed and cannot survive for extended periods without company
  • rarely get into conflict, but when it erupts, can be very bitter
  • aren't terribly career-minded
  • love personality tests and other self-improvement tools
  • love quotes and theories and are often philosophers
  • need to confide in others and express opinions and feelings about others.
  • are "Directors" who give advice, though usually more subtly than most other Directors.
  • Mute withdrawal is a major INFJ defense.
  • sensitive
  • great depth of personality - intricately and deeply woven, mysterious, and highly complex, sometimes puzzling even themselves
  • introverted
  • abstract in communicating
  • live in a world of hidden meanings and possibilities - part of an unusually rich inner life
  • artistic (and natural affinity for art), creative, and easily inspired
  • very independent
  • gentle