Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Little Renegades

Here are two photos of my sister Janet and me (ages 4 & 6) in my grandmother's kitchen in June 1970, just a few days before our sister Jen was born. Love those hippy, Beatles-like pants my sister is wearing, & my pants are on backwards. In photo 2, it looks like I have chocolate draining out of the side of my mouth. We really do look like little rugrats. It's pretty uncanny how much my nephew Gavin looks like Janet.

This picture was taken by my Uncle John, always a joker & a kid at heart. He allowed us to goof off for pictures, & even encouraged it. For a while, he was using his new gadget, a Polaroid Instamatic, everyday. Hence, there are numerous photos of us from 1969 to 1971, much like this one. I know in one picture (age 7) I'm hanging upside down in a tree. We were good subjects.


the author said...

That's actually a pretty good, straight left you're throwing in the first photo. You're using your height and reach advantage to keep the opponent at bay...nice work, Baron. You make me squeak with pride.

Anonymous said...

You haven't changed a bit!! With the exception of wearing your pants the right way... sometimes.
From the anonymous neighbor. :)

the baron said...

oh, ha ha neighbor

Captain Kulig said...

I *love* these old photos of you and your sisters playing...you should post more every now and then...they make me laugh and remind me of my childhood wearing 70's outfits (the *right* way of course!)