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24 Grandparents

Below are the ancestors of one of my grandparents, in Norway. There should be 31 individuals but one great-great grandmother's parents have eluded me. All of the individuals came from a province of Norway called Hordaland, outside of Bergen.


1. Hjalmar Nilson Grimstad, b. 1905 in Grimstad, Lindaas d.1986

Great grandparents

2. Nils Gullakssen, b. 1865 in Grimstad , Lindaas; d. 1938
3. Hennrika Mary Hansdatter, b. 1872 in Knarvik, Lindaas; d. 1956.

2nd Generation Great Grandparents

4. Gullak Haldorsen, b. 1832 in Seim Hosanger; d. 1922

5. Kristi Eiriksdatter, b. 1831 in Spurkeland Hosanger; d. 1928.

6. Hans Trulssen Knarvik, b. 1836 in Knarvik, Lindaas; d. 1918.

7.Kari Hansdatter, b. 1840 in Ravnberg. D. ?

3rd Generation Great Grandparents

8. Haldor Johannesson, born 1794 in Vikne Haus; d. 1841

9. Marta Ivarsdatter b. 1792 in Ikeland, Hosanger; d. 1877.

10. Eirik Ivarsson, b. 1800 in Gausereid, Lindaas; d.1876

11. Martha Nilsdatter, b. 1806 in Synnevaag, Nese; d. 1883.

12. Truls Hansson, b. 1803. d. ?

13. Anna Birgithe Jacobsdatter, b. 1811 in Grimstad , Lindaas; d.?

14. Unknown

15. Unknown

4th Generation Great Grandparents

16. Johannes Haldorsen b. 1760 in Dalseid, d. 1828 marrried 1787

17. Marta Olsdatter b. 1763 Furnes, Bruvik d. 1841

18. Ivar Gudmundson b. 1752 in Vallestrand, d. 1838 married 1782

19. Marta Andersdatter b. 1757 in Reystad d. 1843

20. Iver Erichsen b. 1762 Gauseried, Lindaas d. 1828 married 1790

21. Agothe Andersdatter b. 1763 in Sjauset d. 1842 (2nd wife)

22. Nils Olson b. 1774 in Nese

23. Kristi Villunsdatter d. 1773 in Sletten, Lindaas d. 1818

24. Hans Trulsen b. 1767 d. ? married in 1801

25. Martha Hansdatter b. 1783 in Fielddanger, Lindaas

26. Jacob Olsen b. 1765 d. ? married 1796

27. Anna Larsdatter b. 1771

28-31 UNknown.

When researching Norwegian ancestry, it is especially important to know farm names. Very often, the places, "Seim, Gausereid, Dalseid, Vallestrand," are names of farm cooperatives. One family may have owned the farm, but several families would have lived/ worked on the farm, very similar to sharecropping.

The families living on these farms were not necessarily related by blood, though in modern times (post 19th century) they may have shared a common last name. Hence, if you were born on "Seim" farm and immigrated to America, your last name may be "Seim," not Johansson or Johansdatter (son/daughter of Johan).

The cooperative farm was a way of life in rural Norway for centuries. Bygdeboks, or farm histories, were written in the 19th & 20th centuries to chronicle farm histories and genealogies. Needless to say, it is very valuable for a family historian to find the Bygdebok for the region he/she is researching.

The Digital Archives of Norway is an excellent source for research.

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