Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Diesel Film-Racing Contest

I participated in the Boston Diesel Film Race competition last month, as a lighting technician and costume/prop queen. We had 24 hours to make a film. The theme was "dating," and the surprise action was "fluffing a pillow." My friend Molly made the film "Trust the Process," starring several of my good friends. Unfortunately our film was not in the front runners for prizes, but we had great fun anyway. We also got to see our film screened at the Brattle Theater! It's a great experience to make a film. Hopefully I'll get a copy of our film soon.

These are my favorites of the contenders. To see others, go to: Diesel Film Racing
"A Moment" by The Faucet Drinkers

"Car Lover" by 13th Hour

"Third Date" by Red Light District Attorneys

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