Thursday, February 8, 2007

Things To Say With a Bostonian Accent

Forget "Park the Car in Harvard Yard." Who ever said that anyway??? You can't park in Harvard Yard. You can't even PARRRK anywhere in HAARVAARD SQUAYAH. (any native Bostonian knows that)

How about these quotes? Some of these are actual comments said by local yokels, with a straight face even:
"Let's go down to Target to the cards and parties section."

"I'm her sister from Worcester ya bastard."
"I'm wicked parched. Where's the beer?"
"Hey. Who farted in here?"
"We'll get clam chowder in Revere."

More Bostonian Speak:
1. suppa--evening meal at 5 or 6
2. jimmies--chocolate sprinkles
3. tonic-- soda
4. ahut--your uncle's wife
5. barrel--trash bin
6. brar--bra
7. dungarees-- jeans
8. rotary--roundabout; traffic circle
9. packie-- liquor store
10. bang a uey--make a U-turn (usually illegal)
11. hermit--molasses cookie
12. spa--ma & pa convenience store
13. frappe--milkshake
14. sub--hero; grinder
15. bizaah--weird

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