Saturday, February 3, 2007

Crazy Scooterist

Scooter Adventure
Last night I rode my scooter into Boston. It was 36 degrees when I left the burbs of West Medford. I was hoping for the best weather-wise, but, after all, this IS New England.
When we exited our venue for the evening, it was raining and generally miserable. My friend kindly offered to drive me home, but I would have to abandon my scoot and pick her up in the morning. She looked so lonely, so in a rash moment of scooterist-stupidness, I said, “Don’t worry. I’ll make it.”
I have driven in rain often and in snow once (the first day I picked up my scoot on an otherwise sunny October day). Generally, one can ride a scoot in rain, though miserably. I was well equipped with my green rubber pants, gloves, and padded, reflective Nitro jacket.
As I started out, the experience was wet, with poor visibility, but I zoomed along. I got as far as Union Square in Somerville when suddenly the rain turned to snow. The snow became a two inch layer of slush on the street and a two inch layer of snow on the sidewalk. Realizing that instant death could be imminent, I stopped the bike and was forced to walk with her on the sidewalk. To make matters worse, I was on a hill, so it was slow going pulling along my 250 pound scooter. I only tipped over once, though, I’m proud to say.
After a while, it got rainier and less hilly, and I got back on my bike and motored. With my blinkers on, I rode cautiously on the far right side of the road, very slowly. I probably looked like grandma in a golf cart. I got home okay just as the precipitation was turning into snow again. I was chilled to the bone.
Moral of the Story:
“As Hot As Those Green Rubber Pants Look Baron, No Riding Your Scooter in February”

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artsy said...

Like YOU'LL follow THAT advice!!....You just rode today you fanatic!