Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sargent McCab Leads the Fair Maidens

Today, Sargent McCab, Golden Labrador Retriever extraordinaire, led our two fair maidens ---jb and the baron---to the top of Pack Monadnock, a mountain in New Hampshire. With a whopping elevation of 2,290 ft, Sargent McCab had to take frequent breaks for water & generalized lazy plopping in the mud. Nevertheless, Sargent McCab fulfilled her canine duties by finally leading the fair maidens to the top of the mountain by four sure-footed legs. Sargent McCab occasionally stopped to sniff various items, chase a squirrel or chipmunk or two, & also found a few other dogs & other fair maidens to sniff. At the summit, peanut butter sandwiches and almond butter rice cakes were enjoyed by all at extreme elevation. A view of Boston was promised by brown signs but not discerned by our mountaineers. An important phone call about painkillers & mothers cleaning kitchens was received at the top of the mountain. (see video)
Overall, Sargent McCab deemed it was a successful mission. At least we could all pee in the woods undisturbed.

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