Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Apeman Cometh

Yesterday my friend J posted the famous Patterson film on his blog. Filmed in 1967, this clip allegedly captures Bigfoot or Sasquatch on camera in Bluff Creek, California. J must have read my mind, because I've been thinking a lot about human origins lately. I've just finished a book about genetics & human evolution.

Supporters of the Bigfoot theory contend that Sasquatch is an unidentified, archaic primate that existed during prehistoric times, & lives on in North America in extremely remote areas of Southwest Canada, the Great Lakes, Pacific Northwest, & the Rocky Mountains. Bigfoot is large, hairy, up to 8 or 10 feet tall, and walks upright. The best theory is that Bigfoot is evolved from Gigantopithecus, a giant ape that
did exist in Asia from around 5 million to 100,000 years ago, and later migrated like humans across into North America.

I would love for Bigfoot to exist, because it would be
extremely exciting & interesting to find such a creature. Talk about the "missing link!"

But, from a scientific standpoint, it's unlikely that a creature like Sasquatch exists. Why? First of all, no fossils, bones, artifacts, or droppings have ever been found and tested. In the case of wholly mammoths and other large prehistoric creatures, we have this evidence. To survive to the present, the Sasquatch creature would have existed in North America for
thousands of years. Why would we not find any fossils, or jaw bones or teeth, when we HAVE dinosaur and mammoth fossils? Second, all the hair samples, footprints, handprints, & body casts that have been presented to prove Bigfoot's existence have turned to out to be other animals (bison/elk,bear), inconclusive, or hoaxes. Much of the evidence for Sasquatch consists of eyewitness accounts, (which are often unreliable) and photos/films, which can be difficult to authenticate. Third, if Sasquatch is descended from apes, then why are there no other large apes (fossil or living) found in North America? Why would this creature isolate itself so well for thousand of years? Lastly, if Bigfoot is an ape, then it is odd ape to walk upright. All other primates (except for humanoid ones) both past & present have been quadrupeds. Lastly, with humans encroaching more & more on the wilderness, wouldn't we see MORE reports of Bigfoot sightings? Even polar bears wander into downtown Anchorage.

Bigfoot, accompanied by snazzy music from a 1970's T.V. show. By the way, if you notice, Bigfoot has a nice butt...

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the author said...

All excellent points, though disheartening for those of us who want to believe. The lack of shit and fossils alone pretty much makes me doubt.

Especially the shit. I mean, say Bigfoot migrated over the Bering Straits more recently than other animals, perhaps then there aren't any fossils cause it hasn't been here long enough. But you'd think hunters, campers, rangers, etc. would be occasionally stepping into humongous turds and become very curious. This would have to be very brilliant creature if it were to hide its waste so brilliantly.

I don't really believe in Nessie either. THe most famous photo was proven a hoax. The lake is extremely cold...any strange creature would have to be able to survive the temperature. But I'll admit that when I went there in 1986, I couldn't take my eyes off the loch for a moment. All I saw was a weasel near the dock: "Look, a stoat!" said the friendly Scottish woman I was speaking with.