Sunday, July 22, 2007

Grace & Grace

Grace Jones & Grace Slick. Separated by a generation, but two rocking gals. The first video is Grace Jones singing "Pull up to my Bumper Baby," & "Slave to the Rhythm." Complete with brass bra set, purple halo, & gold boots! I saw Grace Jones in Washington, D.C. in the mid-90's. We waited a LONG time to see her appear on stage. She was worth it! What an UNUSUAL person..... I think she's much better live, despite the imperfections, because her dynamic & freaky personality shines through.
The second video is Grace Slick at Woodstock singing "White Rabbit! Awesome! She spoke for her generation.

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the author said...

Good post. I always thought Grace Slick was underutilized in Jefferson Airplane, Starship, etc.. The male members, who weren't nearly as interesting as vocalists, hogged alot of airtime. Her singing was far better and she also wrote the better far!

Grace Jones had a couple of songs I liked, and I always found her attractive in a scary way, too.