Friday, June 14, 2013

Grandmother's Buttons

Me with Rachel about 1982, I'd guess.
My grandmother Rachel Charlotte kept every button she ever came in contact with. She kept a lot of other things too. She was a practical, organized, and shrewd woman. 

Like many other women of her time, she also lived through the Great Depression trying to feed and clothe eight children.

Last week my Dad gave me some of her buttons. 
The buttons were housed in an ancient Maxwell House coffee can. (She routinely kept containers too-- jars, bottles, and tins).

I was very excited to sort through my grandmother's buttons and pick out some interesting colors and designs. I arranged them by size and then by color. I think about the various family members that may have worn these buttons.

I will use them in an object assemblage.

very small buttons, probably for baby clothes
the yellow flower one is very interesting

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