Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Wayward Explorers

With JD guiding the way, our wayward explorers --- the Baron, MK, and JD's friend Gary walked about two miles through the back woods of Concord today. We parked at a lesser known entrance of some Concord conservation land, and took the road less traveled. 

It made all the difference for us. 

We're cute, don't you think?

Mink Pond?
The weather was somewhat overcast but not raining, and not too hot or muggy. There was mud and mud and many ponds and streams. We saw a water snake, a salamander, frogs, two orioles, a downy woodpecker, chipmunks, and many signs of beavers.

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Anonymous said...

No honey, this is Hutchins Pond. Mink pond was the bigger one with all the lilies.