Friday, January 11, 2008

When Good Things Happen to Bad People (or pets)

We all know that bad things happen to good people, & there are some books to deal with that issue, but, what about GOOD things happening to bad people (or pets)?
WHO can explain the
random acts of goodness and senseless gifts of fortune that happen to BAD (or at least annoying) people????? In the spirit of The Onion, I amused myself by thinking up these 10 headlines.
  1. Hardened Criminal Loved Ardently by Catholic Nun
  2. Spelling Bee Cheater Gets Into Harvard
  3. Cat that Clawed Owner Given Best Food on Market
  4. Car Thief Wins Lexus on Game Show
  5. Muffy, the dog that chewed 10,000 dollar rug, let out for airing
  6. Man That Cut Off School Bus Finds Loving Girlfriend
  7. Snake That Wrapped Around Owner's Neck Stars on Letterman
  8. Old Woman Who Cussed Out Daughter for Years Finds Bosom Friend at Nursing Home
  9. Man that Harassed English Teacher Given Top Library Position
  10. Shirker Frat Boy Becomes President of the United States


Anonymous said...

Uniquely humorous as always! I finally made it to see the blog due to our final decision to get high speed internet! Spring is just around the corner. . . get your glove ready! -b

the baron said...

thanks b. already thinking about softball!