Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Jesus Saves.... My Parking Spot

What is it about Bostonians and their entitled parking spots? Is it like this in other cities?
Last year there was a guy across the street from my house. He was very short and stocky, so my mother called him "the hobbit". He was intimidating, though, unlike other hobbits. When it snowed he would vigorously shovel out in front of his house (even for two inches!), then put out the proverbial 'lawn chair' to 'save his space.' The trouble is, the lawn chair was still there in April, long after any snow had disappeared! Generally, he would glare or lock in (with his own massive truck) anyone that dared to park in front of his house, year round. I hate to tell him, but that's a PUBLIC space. And he had a
driveway too!
The Globe just featured a ----'send us your photos of parking spot savers'--- piece. Some people put out some funny stuff to mark their spot. The best one was this Jesus figure. I wonder if the wrath of God is any more effective in saving the spot? Perhaps until Easter?

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the author said...

Some people are so perfectionistic about snow removal. As long as I can see how my car windows and muscle out of my space, I don't give a fuck about the snow.