Sunday, January 6, 2008

The L Word

It's hard to imagine the rest of the world slugging along living out its mundane existence....... unawares that the L Word premiered tonight. I went to watch the first episode at a fundraiser in Boston. My hard earned ten bucks went to the HRC, & I got to snuggle with hundreds of other gals (& a few gents) and watch the first episode of the L Word, season 5! After a couple of annoying ads & some pitching for the cause, all the L.A. gals were back in action. I found myself laughing a lot, at the so-called dramatic scenes and the humor. Of course everyone was deadly silent during the sex scenes.

Throughout the show there was some hooting, clapping, & perhaps crying, I'm not sure. At the end they gave out goodies, but I scooted home (quite literally). I had dreams all the way home on my motorbike that I won the raffle, & that my friends would claim the prize for me. The Grand Prize.... a poster signed by all the L Word stars! In L.A., tonight! Shipped to me tomorrow!

Alas, no one has called yet.
All in all, it was a great night. Saw lots of friends, & got to ride the wild scoot.
I was like a bear (well, maybe a cub) coming out of hibernation!

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