Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Winter Wonderland

I got away for the past few days to the North Country----North Conway, N.H., for the New Year's weekend. It was a mighty pleasant (& needed) impromptu jaunt. Sunday we went snowshoeing on the Sawyer Road Trail in Bartlett, NH. Unfortunately, we did not know there were so many snow mobiles on this trail. But it was a clear day and mostly sunny! I didn't have proper winter boots, so I had to improvise (see below). My tootsies were toasty. We saw a dog sled team pass by, which I've never seen before. Some of the dogs were wearing booties! Very cute! For lunch we had delicious, peppermint chocolate hot soy milk! Thanks R.H., for carrying that thermos!

mapping the trail

doggies on the go

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