Sunday, May 18, 2008

Lost River, NH

Went up to the White Mountains this weekend to do some camping with a group of women. We had lots of fun. Friday night it was pouring in Boston, so I was not keen on going. But Saturday morning I got up early and just took off. By the time I arrived 'up north' it was sunny and warm. Spent the day taking short hikes and visiting the various water falls ---Thompson Falls, Glen Ellis Falls & Sabbaday Falls on the trails off the Kancamagus Highway.

That night we all hung around the campfire. I cooked my supper over open flames and had a 'primal woman' moment. We stayed at the Lost River Valley Campground in Woodstock, NH. Our sites were in a cluster by a beautiful running brook. On Sunday morning we had pancakes and then went for another hike/spelunking adventure. We edged and squeezed our way through various caves at the Lost River Gorge & Boulder Caves. It was kind of touristy but fun.
The Cave Women Gang

Into the abyss

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