Saturday, May 10, 2008

Women's Roller Derby

Have you heard about the Boston Derby Dames? They're becoming quite popular. Tonight was my virginal experience watching several live roller derby bouts in Wilmington, Ma. My friends and I headed up to the Shriners' Auditorium in lovely Wilmington quite early to watch this amazing spectacle. Upon entering the stadium, we secured our prime seating spots in the fifth row. There we were surrounded by a most unusual roller derby crowd: tattooed & pierced people, motorcycle guys, old retirees, goth enthusiasts, snot-nosed kids and their parents, old gents in fez hats, and fellow queers.

Despite this eclectic and interesting crowd, I can't say I was entirely charmed by my experience. Though I openly ogled at hot women in various get-ups throughout the night, with names like Pussy Venom, Sarah Doom, Full Metal Jacque, Jodie Faster, Coco-A-Gogo, and Jennasaurus Wrecks, I unfortunately experienced stimulus overload. Bad beer, stale popcorn, screaming & obnoxious announcers, blaring heavy metal music, cramped seating, people pushing me, bad acoustics, glaring lights, and sticky floors left me seeking solace.

Oh well. At least I bought a cool t-shirt and a sticker for my scooter, and saw some fine looking ladies acting rather graceful and kicking butt at the same time. You go gals!

Next time I'll bring ear plugs......

Here are the Boston Massacre Ladies warming up. The
other area teams are the Cosmonaughties, The Boston
B Party, the Nutcrackers, and the Wicked Pissahs.

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