Sunday, May 11, 2008

On the Farm

Yesterday I volunteered for The Food Project in Lincoln, MA. I spent the morning weeding invasive species, planting bell peppers, and transferring trays of celery root from one greenhouse to another. It was interesting and fun, despite hoards of teenagers.

The Food Project (in Lincoln and Roxbury) grows tons of vegetables and fruits per year to donate to homeless shelters, etc.

Last year, while on a photography meet-up hike in the area, I discovered the Food Project as we passed the farm. Since you don't see people planting cabbages everyday, or working farms, we inquired. A sweaty woman kindly took a break from her back-breaking work and told us about the Food Project. Later I checked out the website and found out about volunteering.

Besides growing food, the Food Project seeks to educate folks about how much Americans eat processed foods. Whereas my grandmother ate the fish caught by her kinfolk, and the potatoes grown by her mother, we Americans today consume 95% of foods manufactured by corporations.

It's a sobering fact.
Peppers I Planted

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