Thursday, May 29, 2008

Maine, The Way Life Should Be

This past Memorial Day weekend I went camping up there in Western Maine around the Mexico and Rumford areas. It was gorgeous weather, & the bugs were 'middlin' bad. Drove up on Saturday, stopping to see my family in Windham for 2 hours. Got to the Blue Moose Campground in Carthage, Maine, just in time to put up my tent & enjoy a delicious meal. Sunday I went on some easy hikes to see waterfalls in the area. Some of the rock formations (formed by the relentless water pressure) looked rather outer-worldly and creepy. Some looked liked gigantic gargoyles. That night we enjoyed local entertainment around the bonfire. A guy with a guitar, and I actually enjoyed it!

Monday I drove back and stopped in Windham again to see the kids and to help my sister with some gardening. Back in Boston I joined some friends for a barbecue. It was a great weekend!

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