Saturday, May 31, 2008

Chest Bumping

AP Ding-dong World Press.
--------At a graduation ceremony this past week in Colorado, our fearless leader President Bush displayed his domination and power by engaging in behavior anthropologists call 'the ritualistic chest bump.' Gorillas, pygmy marmosets, and orangutans have also been known to display this behavior, especially if available females or rival males are watching. Bush was seen chest bumping with a young male, a fellow Texan. Bush faced the younger man then charged. At one point, it appears Bush was airborne, indicating fine chest bumping indeed. President Bush finished his ritualistic chest bump with a grunting sound, concluded by blowing out hot air through his nostrils and mouth. The crowd was somewhat awed and shocked by the gesture.

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the author said...

It just gets worse and worse. He's going to make it through 8 years without being impeached and then leave. It's like getting dumped by a girlfriend that all along you considered dumping, but couldn't quite get focused enough to get rid of. Our nation has humiliated itself by indulging this buffoon for so long. It will leave a lasting scar.