Sunday, March 4, 2007

The Pearls Upon My Shelf

Djuna Barnes 1937
Virginia Woolf 1929
I collect books. See my library thing:
I do not always buy books I am going to read. I collect books because they are objects that captivate me. Here is some of my criteria for my "pearls on the shelf."
a. age of book (20's, 30's, 40's preferred)
b. rarity of find
c. queer woman writer- a plus
d. classic literature
e. the art/ design of the cover
f. condition of book
g. hardcover

(it's also a plus if I discovered
the book in a cozy, over-flowing
used book store in a shit-kicking
town in Maine, on a brilliantly
sunny October day, with a live-in
but rather unfriendly cat & a bizarre,
verbose, proprietor smoking cigars)

A. M. Lindbergh 1955
Colette 1955

Gertrude Stein 1933

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