Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Personality Test

This just makes me feel so warm and fuzzy. I'm becoming more and more healthy, and less depressed and neurotic! Take your personality test at Psych Central.

Your Personality Test

Personality Traits
Extraversion  34
Agreeableness  46
Conscientiousness  40
Neuroticism  24
Openness  46
The personality test that you've just taken is based on the Five Factor Model of personality. Personality psychologists believe this is a pretty good description of the broad traits or general areas that go to make up a person's core personality. Personality isn't set in stone, however, so keep that in mind if you see anything you'd like to alter below. Teenagers and young adults should take the below results with a bit of caution, as their personalities are still under development (personality is generally pretty well formed by one's mid 20's).
What do each of the 5 traits mean?

  • Extraversion - Energy, enthusiasm, socialable
  • Agreeableness - Altruism, helping others, affection, friendliness
  • Conscientiousness - Control, will, constraint, dependability
  • Neuroticism - Negative emotions, nervousness
  • Openness to Experience - Originality, culture, open-minded, intellect 

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