Monday, February 18, 2013

OMG! I'm not the only STATIONARY addict!

I saw an article on Slate magazine this morning that warmed the cockles of my heart, whatever they are. I discovered that I'm not the only person in America obsessed with notebooks, diaries, ledgers, journals, whatever you want to call them. The author of the article has 267 of them, and counting!


I've got plenty of them too, more than I could ever fill with my scribbles, lists, dreams, or life vignettes. 

My new favorites, Flip Notes

It started way back when with diaries, and I did keep a diary for a long time, (still do) and did need a new notebook here and there. But it evolved into madness as the years went on, and now it's notebooks, diaries, calendars, etc. Notebooks for lists, scribbles, and musings. Notebooks and diaries for no reason at all, except that they have a nifty cover.


It is exceedingly dangerous for me to meander into a bookstore, card shop, arts and crafts store, stationary store, without coming out the door with several notebooks. The other problem with a paper goods obsession is a lot of the stuff is cheap! TJMax's Home Goods kills me!

Recent Acquisitions
A tiny pink daily diary, from Moleskin

When you've got a thing for something, it's ALWAYS gratifying to find out that: number 1, you are not the only one with that yen, and number two, that other people are MUCH WORSE off than you. Other people have spouses breaking up with them because of their collections, mothers yelling at them, office mates wanting to kill them, and pets knocking things off shelves in disgust.


For the most part, as the author points out, a stationary obsession does not reach this level of life dysfunction. A paper goods thing does not break the bank or break relationships with other human beings. Or pets. (In fact my cats love sitting on paper anything) It's also easy to store away notebooks. 


A word a day, keeps the psychiatrist away, right?

Therefore my notebook yearnings are harmless and I can now buy more of them, right? 

My own creation

Right. After taking a "Tiny Books" class last month, I'm now making my own notebooks, to add to all my purchased notebooks. 

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26actsofpoetry said...

My pen pal and I LOVE notebooks and agree that you have to work really hard to get the exact kind you want/need -- spiral bound or book bound? Elastic holder or no? Inside pockets? Bookmark? And don't EVEN bring up the cover art or we'll be here for days.

Yes, I said pen pal.