Friday, February 8, 2013

Kindle Versus i pad

Oddly enough, most people seem to agree with me, and prefer to read on the Kindle rather than on the i  pad. I guess my reasoning is that the kindle is just for reading. To me it's like a book that keeps on giving. It's like any other book I might pick up, but it has endless reading material on it. I really can't use my kindle for anything else. (I have a 9 inch kindle, black & white) My i pad is a computer to me. I use it for the internet, educational apps at school, games, and checking email. On the other hand, I will only use my computer for blogging and writing. I do not care for typing on a phone or on the i pad, except for short blurbs. I like the old fashion keyboard for writing. Is it a generational thing?

For those of you who have both an i pad and a Kindle or Nook, which do you prefer for reading? 

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