Saturday, January 31, 2009

25 Random Things

Circulating around Facebook is a meme called, "25 Random Things About Me." It's another one of those self-indulgent, "aren't I fascinating" exercises. Of course we are all very fascinating and unique in our own way. Still I find it hard not to cringe when I see 17 year olds (half lives/half lived) scribing ad nauseam about their preferences and observations. Whoo-Hoo! Despite all this ranting about memes, I've been tagged by so many friends that I must respond with a list of titillating tidbits. I wouldn't want to thwart my friends' desires to 'get to know me.'
1. If I could magically have another career, I would be an archeologist or a homicide detective.

2. On the day I was born, the zip code was instituted in the U.S.
3. When I was 14, I thought I would keep growing and become freakishly tall.

4. I've visited each of my grandparents' birthplaces.

5. I've taken both violin and cello lessons, after the age of 40.

6. I'm left-handed, and everyone else in my immediate family is right-handed.

7. My sister Jen and I were born almost exactly 7 years apart.

8. I often have that "stuck on an island with so and so" fantasy.
9. In high school I weighed a 117 pounds at 5' 10".
10. Despite not really being a 'thrill-seeker' type, I've skydived, ride a scooter, and love roller-coaster rides.
11. I've traced my ancestors in Norway to 1660. My ggggggg grandfather's name was
Haldor Rasmussen Tyssen.
12. I majored in Art in high school.

13. I espouse a Buddhist philosophy of life, except for the reincarnation part.

14. I have a very fertile and active imagination.

15. All members of my immediate family, and many members of my extended family are/ were very artistic.

16. In second grade, I had difficulty with phonics. Now I'm a specialist working with children who have reading disability.

17. Purple and green and black are my favorite colors.

18. I'm a visual learner first, auditory second, and tactile third.
19. When traveling, being out in nature and seeing natural wonders are my priority. Art museums, bookstores, and historical sites number two.
20. I've been a Civil War reenactor in several venues, and love living history in general. It would be my dream come true to be on "Frontier House" or "Colonial House" or the like.

21. I'm more attracted to the unknown than the known.

22. I don't listen to music that much, except in the car. I thrive on quietness.
23. When I was younger, I never realized how much I would someday be so grateful for my two wonderful sisters.
24. I would die for my nephews and my niece.

25. I've never really been sports oriented or excelled at sports, though I've played a few. In fact I consider myself pretty uncoordinated and awkward.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I've received this too and have decided not to do it. I haven't time for such frivolity. Now if you'll excuse me, I have Godzilla dioramas to make.


Captain Kulig said...

Jonathan is a party pooper!
Everyone should read my 25 things list...and everyone should make's fun!