Friday, March 2, 2012

Topanga Canyon

Day three in the Los Angeles area brought me to Topanga Canyon in Calabasas Highlands, California. I dropped MK off in the morning in downtown LA, and then headed out on the freeway. It was not far. I was just about there when Jonathan called and said that he and Trish were driving out to meet me. I welcomed the company. especially in case of cougar attack.

Once again it was a beautiful day, and I had no complaints except that for some reason I wasn't feeling so well physically. The hiking and adjustment to the very hot weather seemed difficult for me.We walked out on a great trail, mostly in the sun, and it was unlike any trail at home. Lizards in the air, the distant, hazy Pacific Ocean, and mountain side bungalows in the distance. Jonathan climbed out on a very high jutting rock as Trish and I hid in the shade.

As Jonathan informed me, Topanga is quite famous for its wealthy and irreverent residents throughout the years. It has been an enclave for rich hippies and transcendentalists and philosophers.In quaint, downtown Topanga we visited a Mexican grocery store and a vintage clothing store.Cool days.

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