Sunday, March 4, 2012


I love Susan Piver's work. She is the author of "The Wisdom of a Broken Heart," and a member of the local Shambhala Center here in Brookline MA that I attend! She has an Open Heart Project website, which I signed up for. Everyday she emails out tips about meditation, information about Buddhist philosophy, and practice videos. I love her! Here is a video on laziness which I related to so much today. My only thought is: she doesn't talk about the antidote to laziness! (Oh, that's coming Monday)

According to the Buddhists, Laziness is:
1. Regular Laziness (inertia) 
2. Disheartened Laziness
3. Being 'too busy' laziness

The #1 Obstacle to Meditation Practice from susan piver on Vimeo.

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