Sunday, March 11, 2012

Now They Know How Many Holes It Takes

On the second banner day in the Los Angeles area Jonathan, Trish, MK and I headed out to Rancho Palas Verdes. This was a great walk along the ocean, right beside a huge golf course owned by Donald Trump. We were intrigued by the cacti along the trail, so close to the beach. We also saw little lizards darting about, and frolicking rabbits. 

After walking for a bit, we climbed down a series of switchbacks and sat on the beach for awhile. Twas bliss indeed. We saw some sea anemones none of us could identify, and I collected several stones with perfectly smooth, bored holes. I have seen stones affected by the current of the ocean before, but these holes seemed purposeful. Some were little tunnels right through the center of the rock, and you could just about stick your fat finger inside. 

Turns out these holes are likely made by a sea creature called the bivalve piddock mollusk. They reside inside the stone for awhile, sometimes leaving their shell behind. I did find many rocks with shells inside. Hail to these little critters for making an interesting day at the beach.

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Anonymous said...

Nice research, Baron. The mystery...she is solved.