Sunday, March 4, 2012

Los Padres National Park pt. 1

The wayward companions
On the first full day in Los Angeles, we all packed up and drove to the Los Padres National Park in Kern County California. Jonathan drove because I was leery about the LA freeway.

Los Padres National park is a beautiful park nestled in the Sierra Madre mountain range, among other mountain ranges. When we first arrived we saw a hummingbird feeding near the visitor center. She was a gorgeous purple and dark green color.

The park was quiet with few visitors, even though it was a Monday holiday. We went on two hikes, one short loop through the woods, and another longer jaunt more out in the open. We bravely forded several streams, and we saw many backpackers heading out of the outback from their weekend travels. 

We stopped a lot along the road to take pictures. The park reminded me a bit of Mt. Rainier.

Jonathan and El Burro
We also stopped in the nearby town of Ojai, where there was a Buddhist retreat center, and the smell of incense wafting through the air. 

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