Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ghost Town

Not too many experiences are more exciting for a staunch New Englander than to stumble upon a genuine 19th century "ghost town" in the Western states. Randsburg, a 'living' ghost town in Kern County, California, is such a place. Though somewhat a cheesy tourist trap, the main street in town has 1890's style buildings straight out of a Western film.

One can easily imagine horses once being tied to posts, saloon doors swinging open, ragtime music playing in the background,  and drunk men fighting. You also get the feeling that you're eating dirt as you walk around --mighty satisfactory. 

Trish and I had the pleasure of visiting the General Store, the only building open on a Thursday. Inside it was dark and delightfully cool. The town only bothers to open stores on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, since hardly anybody visits on weekdays. We were very happy to be the only visitors. The General Store boasts a 100 year old soda fountain, and a massive bar with stools. I tried a 'black cow,' which was delicious.


Anonymous said...

A day exploring the Baron wastes. Trish had fun, too.


Trish said...

Glad we made the drive to the Ghost Town. I will have to take Jonathan there before we head out to Utah!