Saturday, August 27, 2011

Perfect Day

With the rain pelting down so steadily, and with the heavy heart and abject loneliness and depression I'm feeling right now, it's hard to imagine yesterday.  

Yesterday it was sunny and warm and I rode my scooter to Walden Pond in Concord.

I rode along route 2A the whole way, one of my favorite rides. For almost the entire way I barely stopped, rode at least 35 -40 mph, and the temperature was perfect. I stopped and bought an Italian sub, something I always seem to crave when I go to the beach. I had some scrumptious chocolate, reading material, fruit, and cream soda. Life was good.

Walden Pond is one of my favorite places to spend a day. Especially a non-work, humid summer day in August.

To my surprise, the pond was not crowded and the parking lot was open. To top it off, because I had my bike I got in free! (I felt guilty that maybe I should pay anyway, but I then I thought: I choose to ride a scooter, not some huge SUV monstrosity that takes a lot of space!)

First I stopped at Thoreau's cabin and got a picture after some tourists shuffled out. They were very annoying and slow: "Is this Thoreau's cabin? I don't think it's the original one." Duh.

I walked about a-quarter-the-ways around the lake and found a spot to share. I sat uncomfortably on a big rock and ate my sub, for I was very hungry, drank my soda, and read for about 2 1/2 hours "The Stranger Beside Me," by Ann Rule.(This is a true crime book about Ted Bundy. A real page turner) 

After awhile I got up and proceeded to walk around the pond three times. (It was part of my training efforts.) I took a few pictures along the way. 

Walden Pond is a great place to walk.

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sounds nice, Baron.