Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Woods Hole

MK scouting the trail
I got to spend the last two days in Woods Hole, Cape Cod. Woods hole itself is a small town with not much but a ferry, yet the whole surrounding area of Woods Hole is divine, quintessential Cape Cod. After a hurricane and no power for two days, I arrived just in time for electricity on Monday. 

I guess people really just go to Woods Hole so they can go to Martha's Vineyard. I've lived in Massachusetts my whole life and I've never been to 'the Vineyard!" Shame on me. 

Anyway, MK and I stayed at a friend's beautiful house near the beach. I walked at least 5 miles on Tuesday, from Woods Hole to Falmouth and back. We also got two jigsaw puzzles completed, read, went to the beach, hiked to a peninsula, and ate lots of ice cream. Sounds like an ideal stay. 

Ah, the last glorious days of summer dwindling away...
Quisset Harbour

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