Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New England Circa 1940

Farm Auction Derby, Conn by Jack Delano

Children gathering potatoes, Maine by J. Delano
Brockton, MA by J. Delano
In honor of the 1940 census, soon to be released in April, 2011, I am posting these selected pictures from a Library of Congress photographic collection. All are taken between 1939- 1942, and they were part of a Farm Security Administration Office of War Project. Given that my relatives were all living in the East, I'm going to select pictures from the New England area.It's really worth looking at all the pictures, though, to get a snapshot of America at the time.See the whole collection at this Library of Congress link.
New Hampshire by John Collier
Bethel Vt by John Collier

Waiting for Bus
Lowell, MA by Jack Delano

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