Monday, August 1, 2011

Mt. Wachusett Hike

Saturday I went hiking with my TNT group at Wachusett Mountain. Though humid, it was a beautiful, breezy summer day. We had a very long, leisurely. moderate hike. The only troublesome aspect was the last 1/2 mile or so, which we had to walk on the road. It was very hot in the direct sun, and uphill, but we all made it.

We began our journey on the Bicentennial trail, which was relatively flat, but very rocky. It was difficult not to slip on moss or get your boot lodged in a crevice. We then proceeded up the High Meadow trail, and then the Jack Frost trail. We made jokes about the Jack Frost trail being cooler, but it wasn't. Next, we connected to the Link trail, then made our way to the summit via the Harrington trail. The summit offered hazy views of Boston in the distance, and Mt. Manadnock in New Hampshire. 

We also crossed the Midstate trail, which is a 92 mile hike beginning in Rhode Island, passing through Massachusetts, and then ending in New Hampshire.

After a little snack break we proceeded down the Pine Hill trail, making it back to the visitor center by mid-afternoon. We stopped and took pictures at Balance Rock about half-way down. Afterwards we all met for lunch at the Old Mill Pub in Westminster, MA, built in 1761. 

By the way, "Wachusett" means "near the mountain" or "mountain place" in the Natick Indian language. 

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