Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Disco shoes with goldfish. I want them.
Ellyn and I took a day trip down to P-town to see Carnival. This was my virginal experience with Carnival, but, as always, the 'boys' graciously led me through my first time. What an escapade! The Drag Queens do not disappoint, but deliver everything that is outstandingly outrageous and more at Carnival. 

((There were more than a few bemused and confused straight families wandering around.)) 

I thought: Here it is a Thursday afternoon, most people are working.... Most vacationers are just out for a day of shopping. And then suddenly the world fills up with decadent, drunk, half naked drag queens. What a show!

Let's just say I saw more 'packages' than a urologist does in a week, in two hours! Lol.

By the way, the theme this year was music. Next year it is 'space odyssey.' I'm getting my costume ready.....
One sexy Mozart
Charo! Every year a 'has been' celebrity shows up

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