Monday, April 7, 2008

Warning: Salamander Crossing

Last week my friend J nobly set aside a weekday evening and made an 'on-call' emergency trip, summoned by The Lincoln Conservation, to a nearby nature spot. His purpose: to aide scrambling salamanders to safely cross the road. He called the Baron at the last minute, figuring I could be of assistance on this adventurous & risky outing. I missed his bugle call.

There's a whole science behind our little amphibians' waddle across the road, which is explained in this article,
"Why did the Salamander Cross the Road?" in today's Globe.

People love this yearly amphibian quest because it is a ritual that signals spring. Though difficult to see, apparently it's warm enough for the salamanders to make their way from winter slumber to warm vernal pools nearly. There the salamanders do that thing that they do.

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great photo.