Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fool's Jokes

My sister J is a master at pulling off April Fool's or practical jokes, & is generally the family trickster. Usually her target is me, or my father, or my brother-in-law, the three most gullible people on the planet. She didn't get us this year though, as far as I know. (It's not midnight yet.... & I don't know where my poor father is right now, or whether my brother-in-law is still among the living).

Years ago (when I was a teenager & J was 8), I came home late & famished from a night out. J immediately approached me & told me my mother had made
butterscotch pudding.

My mom's butterscotch pudding was something to be had. It was "waiting for me in the fridge", J said innocently.

My mom always put wax paper over pudding, to keep it from forming an unseemly 'film'. (A Betty Crocker tip) I looked in the fridge, & there it was. A small brown bowl, with a wax paper top. Yum.

I sat down, peeled away the top, & eagerly scooped into the "butterscotch pudding" -------only to discover that it was a disgusting glob of congealed turkey gravy .
I screamed & J laughed her butt off & ran.

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Anonymous said...

Your sister has earned my eternal respect. That was how I was as a youth also.

And by the way, butterscotch pudding was a big deal in my family too. It is my favorite pudding and I sometimes still make it for special occasions.