Thursday, April 17, 2008

Is That a Moped?

Having a scooter is a bit like having a cute dog or baby. People feel free to come up and start talking to you, signal, or yell something out. While I'm on my bike in traffic, this can sometimes be annoying. But overall, people are nice. Here are some various interactions I've had, now that the weather is fine and people are out and about.

1. Guy in Pickup Truck From N.H. (This is my usual exchange with most men)
Man (chomping on bagel) "What's it cost to fill that up? 10 bucks?"
Me (on scooter) "No. About 3."
Man"Ha, Ha. How many miles does it get?"
Me "About 40-50 m.p.g."
Man "What's it go for?"
Me "About 2000 dollars."
Man "Wow. That's a lot of money."

2. Man on Kawasaki motorcycle, pulls up beside me.
Man "That looks like a lot of fun."
Me "Yeah."
Dead Silence.
Me "It's great for the city."
Man "Yeah."

3. Woman in the back seat of a car on Charles Street in Boston. Waves and smiles very excitedly.

4. Two guys pass me in the opposite lane on Washington Street. One beeps and flashes me the peace sign.

5. Teenage girl in car. "Whoooooo!"

6. Guy in downtown Boston, late at night.
Guy: "Wow. What's that? A Harley? Give me a ride."

7. Toddler in Davis Square.

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