Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Missed Connections

I love reading those ‘missed connections’ entries on the Craig’s List Personals . Of course, I'm always looking for a tantalizing description of myself. No luck.

As a joke, I’ve always wanted to submit something like this:

YOU: were returning boxes of Bud Light empties to Kappy’s Liquors in Medford. You had on hot pink yoga pants and black boots. You dropped a can & said, “Shit.” You gave me a weird look but smiled too….
ME: I had on a black t-shirt with a big chicken on it. I had a white yipping dog with me that bared his teeth at you. I had a kind of dumb ‘smitten’ look on my face. Can we do it again?

YOU: I saw you in Target. You had on a white jogging suit and orange sneakers. You were carrying a canvas bag that said, “Muhammand Ali: Float Like a Butterfly; Sting Like a Bee.” You were bending over picking up a bottle of Mylanta, when I saw you……
ME: I was the Buddhist monk lurking near the toilet cleaning solvents in aisle six. How long do I have to wait?

Who says there ain’t true love?

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Captain Kulig said...

These are *great*! Very should figure out a way to add them to your next zine...