Friday, June 12, 2009

My 50 Things

My 50 Things is a fun website, where you list goals and achievements in your lifetime. Here are some of my 'to do' goals, and below is a list of what I achieved. I don't exactly have 50 things altogether, but I'd rather list things I think I realistically will achieve. Seeing the Great Wall of China? I'd love to, but going to China right now seems out of reach. I don't know why.

To see the Grand Canyon

Visit Greenland, Iceland

Own a hybrid or electric car

To visit Western Canada

To hike the Long Trail in Vermont

To do a civil war reenactment in a large venue

take course in Norwegian

read Walden Pond

Teach an adult to read

Run the Boston Marathon

Try dog sledding

Shoot a gun on a shooting range

take a backpacking class

Exercise at least twice a week

Spend one evening a week without watching TV or using a PC

Visit Stonehenge

Do a parachute jump Completed
Plant a tree Completed
Wear a tux Completed
Complete a bookmaking/scrapbooking project Completed
Take a fiddle class or lessons Completed
Buy a condo or townhouse Completed
Visit Kripalu Completed
To complete a second cartoon zine Completed
To go square or contra dancing Completed
To meditate everyday for 21 days Completed
To try Tai Chi Completed
To take a fencing class Completed
Play golf one time Completed
Send mother flowers Completed
get a motorcycle license Completed
put some potted plants on porch Completed
see Grand Canyon Completed
shoot a gun on a shooting range Completed

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