Thursday, November 6, 2008

Tiny Treasures

I keep little boxes of 'stuff.' When I was younger, my pack rat tendencies were much more pronounced. At the age of 7 I kept a frozen or petrified orange for months that I found on the floor of my father's car, under the seat. It was hard as a rock & fascinated me!
These days I curb my collection tendencies significantly, and I have more practical and adult concerns, but
some objects I simply must keep!
1. tiny camera 2. drawing by nephew 3. key 4. tiny football shirt 5. Mt. Rainier pin 6. cowgirl pin 7. pistol cuff-links 8. Norwegian krone 9. swirly pin 10. tiny wood pipe

1. picture of grandmother
2. dumb & dumber pin
3. tiny wooden box
4. picture of nephew
5. tiny tarot pack
6. naked lady pin
7. piece of clay pipe found in yard
8. hula girl cuff-links
9. Vespa girl pouch
10. ruby ring

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