Monday, July 21, 2008

George's Island

Went to George's Island in Boston harbor on Saturday with a bunch of gals. We picnicked, flew some kites, played volleyball and whiffle ball, hiked, and lounged about. It was an extremely hot and humid day on shore, but on the island there was a nice breeze. We watched part of an 'Olde Time' baseball game too!

George's Island features Fort Warren, built in 1850. During the Civil War the fort had about a 1000 Confederate prisoners. At one point they even housed the Vice President of the Confederacy, Alexander Hamilton Stephens, in fairly posh conditions. Another story of the island is that a confederate prisoner's wife attempted to help her husband escape by rowing over from Hull. Now she is the ghostly legend of 'the lady in black,' who still haunts the island. (Click to listen to the story) Apparently her husband was killed and the lady was hung with a black robe, the only 'rope' available.

Every year local Civil War reenactment units will set up an encampment on the island, and reenact the escape as well as demonstrate civil war era baking and medical procedures. Some years ago I attended this event, and found out about joining up with the 22nd Massachusetts.

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