Friday, March 28, 2008

Unfortunate Names

I owned a humor book a number of years ago:"John Train's Book of Remarkable Names." I lost the book, & cannot find it now. The book made a lasting impression. The authors listed odd names, which they researched in telephone books, (before computers) linked with amusing occupations. For example, "Cheatum & Steale, Bankers, Illinois." "Ima Crap-- daughter of plumber."

Recently a similar book has been published:Bad Baby Names.
I saw the authors being interviewed on TV.

Some of the data the authors of "Baby Baby Names' collected was found on I decided to do my own search on I typed in amusing words, & it didn't take long to
find several, unfortunately named, real people. Here are some of the unfortunates I found. Especially in the 1930 Census, many an immigrant name turns out to be quite humorous in English.
1. Ima Crap, Connecticut, 1977
2. Oscar Holle Man, Arkansas, 1930
3. Goldie Holle, California, 1930
4. Wah-la-He Such Shit, Yakima Nation, 1901
5. Marry Shit, Missouri, 1900
6. Sister J. Ann Poop, Michigan, 1910
7. Rose Poop, Michigan, 1910
8. Heelga Homo, Minnesota, 1885
9. Francois Deafen Dumb, Montana, 1888
10. Gussie Sick, Alabama, 1930
11.Fern Fart, Arizona, 1930
12. Quong San Fat, Arizona, 1930
13. Minnie Mouse, South Carolina, 1880
14. Donald Duck, England, 1901
15. Marken Mistake, New York, 1930
16. Leo Cat, Arkansas, 1930
17. Zebedee Queen, Alabama, 1930
18. Christian Idiot, Iowa, 1885
19. Carry Kidney, Alabama, 1930
20. Don Vigina, Illinois, 1930
21. Clatus Witch, Maryland, 1930
22. Easter Pew, Alabama, 1930
23. White Bum, South Carolina, 1930
23. Mina Samira Penis, Texas, 1930
24. Buster Jerk, Louisiana, 1903
25. Shirley Devil, Pennsylvania, 1930

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