Saturday, March 1, 2008

Pretty in Pink

Stats can be fun. Listed below are the most popular (ranked number one) girls' names for the past one hundred plus years. As you can see, Mary ruled for many decades, only to be usurped by Linda in 1947. I wonder what suddenly made Linda such a popular name? Anyway, Linda signaled the beginning of the Baby Boom generation. Then Mary reemerged for several years until Lisa came along in 1962. Jennifer ruled from 1970 (the year my sister was born) to 1984, when Jessica came along and usurped Jennifer. Jessica ruled until 1990, when Ashley came and went for two years. Jessica reappeared, and then finally Emily has been the reigning queen from 1996 until the present. In 2006, Mary ranked 84th in popularity!
1900-1946 Mary
1947-1952 Linda

1953-1961 Mary

Lisa 1962- 1969

1970- 1984
Ashley 1991-1992
1996-Present Emily

Jennifer (on Nana's lap)

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