Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Wire

Currently I'm watching the 4th season of HBO's "The Wire," and loving it. Once again, HBO scores with a superb television series with fine acting, gritty reality, and a multi-layered story line. Here's my favorite character -- Omar Little---played admirably by Michael Kenneth Williams.
A gay cowboy gangster, Omar's got a moral code, and plenty of philosophical lines. Omar steals only from the 'bad guys,' fellow drug dealers, & won't hurt a 'citizen', or someone 'not in the game'. In this clip, Omar's back in Baltimore after a hiatus, with his new, hot boyfriend Reynaldo. (somehow all his other boyfriends got killed) Omar's got a thing for Honeynut Cheerios, so, without his gun, he risks going to the corner store in the early morning to get some cereal & Newports. All the neighborhood kids spot him, warning, "Omar coming!" On the way back to his house, someone drops Omar a stash for free, but Omar wants the real deal from the big boys.....

(By the way, every Sunday Omar takes his grandma to church....)

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