Friday, February 1, 2008

Ms. G

Sounds like a porno name, but it's not. Ms. G is a groundhog, and she lives at the Drumlin Farm in Lincoln, Massachusetts. She's up for election to be the 'official' groundhog of Massachusetts. After all, what can Punxsutawney Phil tell us about Massachusetts weather anyway???
If you want to sign the petition to elect Ms. G as the official "Massachusetts State Groundhog," go to the Mass. Audubon Society's website.
By the way, there's 'Chuck' in NY, General Beauregard Lee in GA, & Sir Walter Wally in NC., among others. Ms. G would be our first female groundhog! Apparently female groundhogs were never chosen before because they hibernate in their little holes longer than male groundhogs. Obviously they're a lot smarta.....
Here's Ms. G in action.

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